Foto: Noelia Balboa

Les 14 cançons més especials d’Alex Delgado són:

1. The Black Messiah (Part Two), George Duke.
2. Sharpness, Jamie Woon.
3. Thank You Jesus (That’s What He’s Done), Kim Burrell.
4. U Don’t Have To Call, Erykah Badu.
5. Sunday, David Bowie.
6. The Wilhelm Scream, James Blake.
7. I Shall Not Walk Alone, Ben Harper.
8. Familiar Feeling, Moloko.
9. Stop By, Rahsaan Patterson.
10. Lay It Down, Al Green.
11. I Was Brought To My Senses, Sting.
12. Pull Out the Pin, Kate Bush.
13. Fun Day, Stevie Wonder.
14. Brotha, Angie Stone.

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