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Jair Domínguez és guionista, periodista, escriptor i músic. Una ment inquieta. Ha tret el seu primer disc com amb el grup Caritat Humana. Les seves 14 cançons més especials són:

1. Walking in My Shoes, Depeche Mode.
2. Etude for piano number 2, Philip Glass.
3. Thickfreakness, The Black Keys.
4. Drown in My Own Tears, Ray Charles.
5. Boat to Sail, Carpenters.
6. This Magic Moment, Lou Reed.
7. Tornado of Souls, Megadeth.
8. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?, Bill Evans.
9. Life in a Glasshouse, Radiohead.
10. New York, New York, Cat Power.
11. Any Day Now, Elvis Presley.
12. Fire, Yngwie Malmsteen.
13. Future People, Alabama Shakes.
14. Decadence Dance, Extreme.

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