Foto: Joan Usart

Les 14 cançons més especials de Roger Usart són:

1. Estranged, Guns N’ Roses.
2. The Half Remarkable Question, The Incredible String Band.
3. Weapon & the Wound, Days Of the New.
4. Concrete, Midnight Oil.
5. Nutshell, Alice in Chains.
6. Perla de la medina, Javier Ruibal.
7. Cims i abismes, Pep Laguarda i la tapineria.
8. The Man Comes Around, Johnny Cash.
9. Insanity, Yodelice.
10. Gayatri Mantra, Anthony Robbin’s Scared Blesings.
11. Your Rocky Spine, Great Lake Swimmers.
12. Hard Bargain, Ron Sexsmith.
13. Long Nights, Eddie Vedder.
14. Misty Mountains, Richard Armitage i The Dwarf Cast (The Hobbit soundtrack).

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