Foto: Xavier Serrano

Les 14 cançons més especials de Santi Carcasona són:

1. Novocaine For the Soul, Eels.
2. I Am the Walrus, The Beatles.
3. North, Elvis Costello.
4. Stay (Wasting Time), Dave Mathews Band.
5. Behind Blue Eyes, The Who.
6. Fix You, Coldplay.
7. Clampdown, The Clash.
8. Just What I Needed, The Cars.
9. Ruby Tuesday, The Rolling Stones.
10. Where Is the Next One Coming From, Buddy Guy.
11. Synchronicity I, The Police.
12. Hard Sun, Eddie Veder.
13. Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap.
14. I Could Never Take the Place Of Your Man, Prince.

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