Foto: Eva Núñez

Les 14 cançons més especials de Steven Munar són:

1. Waterloo Sunset, The Kinks.
2. If It Be Your Will, Leonard Cohen.
3. Norwegian Wood, The Beatles.
4. Ashes To Ashes, David Bowie.
5. You Ain’t Going Nowhere, The Byrds.
6. Idiot Wind, Bob Dylan.
7. Los penitentes, La Búsqueda.
8. Jenny Wren, Paul McCartney.
9. Old Man, Neil Young.
10. Are You Ready To Be Heart Broken?, Lloyd Cole And the Commotions.
11. God Give Me Strength, Elvis Costello.
12. The Lady Don’t Mind, Talking Heads.
13. Galaxy Song, Monty Python.
14. Beware Of Darkness, George Harrison.

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