Foto: Blanca Viñas

Les 14 cançons de Valentí, el grup de dream pop format per Victòria Alvelo, Adrià González i Roger Palacín, són:

Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart, Julee Cruise.
2. From the Air, Laurie Anderson.
3. New Risen, Eyeless in Gaza.
4. Oració, Kitsch.
5. Gemini (Birthday Song), Why?.
6. Come Back, The Mighty Wah!.
7. Phor, Glissando*.
8. Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush.
9. Fourth of July, Galaxie 500.
10. Paranoid Android, Radiohead.
11. The Things That Dreams Are Made Of, The Human League.
12. Gira-sols, Renaldo & Clara.
13. The Circle Game, Joni Mitchell.
14. Astral Weeks, Van Morrison.

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